Ældre dating Høje-Taastrup

If so I can tell you that it definitely was not the name given to him in birth and baptism, neither was he a James, but people known here as James was often Jens in the birth record in the old world.

I also need to know when about he was born (approximate birth year at least), if these is any information regarding the names of his parents and also if there might be hint somewhere as to where in Denmark he was born. rsted-Jensen Hello Robert Thankyou so much for replying so quickly.

wife Sarah Woodbridge 26 years of age from Campbelltown NSW. my fathers aunty Dagmar born , Tumbarumba, father was Peter Christian Miner 38 years from Denmark. His death certificate - 3rd september 1908 Tumbarumba, James Peter Christian, Invalidity Pensioner, Gold Miner father was James Christian, Grazier Denmark, mother was Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).I can look back again tomorrow to see if you can help me. gratis kontakt inserate Osnabrück thankyou, much appreciated Jules You realise that this means that he was only 15 when he came to Australia. Otherwise he would have had to migrate with his parents, have you considered that option? Look what I can say is that he would have been christened as 'Jens Peter' or 'Jens Peder'.Med venlig hilsen Carsten Dahl Hello Robert, I am from Australia but am needing a lot of help as my great great grandfather came to Australia around 1860s and married and settled at Tumbarumba in NSW.We believe he came to Australia via Melbourne and from England after leaving Denmark.

Ældre dating Høje-Taastrup

De gør det nemlig muligt at date med henblik på sex.Ikke desto mindre synes vi at denne er værd at have med på listen, da den i høj grad adskiller sig fra så mange sider, ved at tilbyde gratis webcam chat (dog absolut ikke et krav) oveni faktummet, at det er fuldstændigt gratis at lave en bruger og benytte langt de fleste af funktionerne på siden.It says his place of birth was Denmark, (place unknown), been in Australia 50 years in NSW.married to Sarah Woodbridge for 28 years married Tumbarumba. I have a copy of his application and naturalisation papers, but it would be too large a file here.I have a copy of some of his childrens birth certificates and also his marriage and death certificate, but still can't find out about him.

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Could you please help me as I have no way of Finding where he came from, or anything else but would love to find out. t promise you much on the basis of this information, but before looking in my files I need to know whether CHRISTIAN, was indeed his surname here.

On a birth certificate for 1 of his sons, born Aust. Wife (mother of child) Sarah Cecilia formerly Woodbridge 18 years of age, Campbelltown.

18Aug1870 at Upper Tumbarumba NSW, named Charles Frederick Christian, the informant was the father Peter Christians (with 's' at the end). My fathers father, born at Campbell's Meadows, Gundagai NSW, named Henry James.

Dating siden gemmer dine information og krav i en database, og går så ellers i gang med at finde potentielle partnere til dig.

Selvom er en dating side, så er der også mulighed for at finde nye venner og bekendskaber blandt de mange brugere der søger nye venskaber.


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