Frankfurt germany singles

It’s usually jam packed, there are always 20-somethings that are traveling through Europe and they are always there on a mission: get totally fucking wasted!

Beer is served in 1 liter mugs called Maßkrüge (singular “ein Maß”).

If you want to date Eastern European chicks why not catch them in their native environment where there’s more of them and everything is cheaper?Frankfurt will also have much better talent than London. dating for akademikere Hvidovre Budget hotels can be had for as little as 25 – 30 EUR (book in advance), meals can found under 10 EUR and there is a solid nightlife scene.Before I move on to “cool things in Germany in general” I will give you a really hot tip of my own on where to meet some tail: The Hofbräuhaus.It’s kind of a touristy joint so you probably won’t meet German chicks there but you can meet them anywhere (see “Mr Day and Dr Night“).

Frankfurt germany singles

I don’t care how shy you are or how big of a douchebag you are, you have to be virtually retarded not to take some numbers from the The Hofbräuhaus.The Hofbräuhaus is a typical “German beer hall,” it’s totally for tourists and normally I avoid those places like the plague but The Hofbräuhaus is different.So all in all it’s not terrible to spend a day or two in Frankfurt, especially if you can save money doing it. The major cities worth visiting are Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin. Frankfurt germany singles-49 Berlin is the largest and cheapest of the bunch although Munich is my personal favorite.If you’re here anyway it’s going to be worth your while to at least try to find some tail.

If you have any doubts do two things for me, check out some German porn (just search for it online) and when you get to Germany check out how many sex shops there are, especially in absurd places like the Germany: Lot’s of very wild talent. The deal is that they are exceedingly intelligent and already think (and know) that Americans aren’t very educated or smart.For those of you that failed 3rd grade science class 1 liter is equivalent to nearly 12 oz bottles or cans of beer.To put it another way, down two of them and you basically just drank a six pack.There is much foreign traffic going through the major haunts in Germany that it’s an environment full of targets. I have met a number of stunners on the subway platform. Although I don’t think Germany is quite as good a pickup country as El Matador, he does bring up a very good point, with the advent of the EU there has been a mass exodus (including hot women) from Eastern Europe to Western Europe.So there is actually a very good chance some of the hot chicks you run into in Germany will not be German natives.


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