Singlethreadmodel in servlet

Answer [See also What is the meaning of calling a method or object "thread-safe? You don't have to worry about thread safety inside this method, since it is only called by a single thread, and the web server will wait until that thread exits before sending any more threads into your service() method.2.Every new client request generates (or allocates) a new thread; that thread calls the service() method of your servlet (which may in turn call do Post(), do Get() and so forth).3.

JSP pages implement this in the background when you specify Although the Single Thread Model technique is easy to use, and works well for low volume sites, it does not scale well.This means that other threads might be running service requests at the same time as your destroy() method is called!So be sure to synchronize, and/or wait for the other requests to quit.Re[2]: Thread safety Murthy VDo not use Single Thread Model as it can not guarantee thread safety in case of session variables and static variables.-----------------------------------------------------------xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-----------------------------------------------------------Question What is the meaning of calling a method or object "thread-safe?

Singlethreadmodel in servlet

Ensures that servlets handle only one request at a time. If a servlet implements this interface, you are guaranteed that no two threads will execute concurrently in the servlet's service method.The servlet container can make this guarantee by Deprecated.And especially you shouldn't synchronize the service() method! A simple solution to synchronizing is to always synchronize on the servlet instance itself using synchronized (this) .However, this can lead to performance bottlenecks; you're usually better off synchronizing on the data objects themselves.6.This means that you should be careful to synchronize access to shared data (instance variables) using the synchronized keyword.(Note that the server will also allocate a new instance if you register the servlet with a new name and, e.g., new init parameters.)4.

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