Gratis dating Hamm

After Jon Hamm completed his stint in rehab, the “Mad Men” actor turned to his co-star January for support and advice.

According to the National Enquirer, Jones was happy to lend and ear and she also reached out to Jon during a difficult split from Will Forte around the same time.

Jon Hamm and January Jones have been spotted on numerous dates recently and news of their relationship has the “Mad Men” star’s ex Jennifer Westfeldt completely heartbroken after she tried so hard to get him back.

Jon and January were trying to keep their new romance under wraps considering the recent timing of the breakup of Hamn’s lengthy relationship with Westfeldt.

“Mad Men” star Jon Hamm and his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, were seen “canoodling” at a steamy outdoor ­after-party for new Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.” “They were canoodling all night,” said our spy at the Standard Biergarten. It was easier for us older people.” Also there: Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Lake Bell and Ted Sarandos.Rumors that Jon Hamm and January Jones are dating resurface every few weeks and now a rep for one of the stars is addressing them.Sources claim that Jon and January also sneak over to each other’s houses on occasion too.The now off-screen couple are very private and even though they are obviously very into each other, Hamm and Jones also are still trying to keep their romance private.

Gratis dating Hamm

The woman who passed over Jon Hamm on a dating show back in 1996 would do it all again ...telling TMZ Live she wouldn't trade her husband for "one thousand Jon Hamms!According to Gossip Cop, a rep for Jon Hamm said that In Touch's report alleging that he's dating January Jones is “not true.” Us Weekly reported back in September that Jon called it quits with Jennifer “because he wanted kids and she didn't,” according to a source.Not long after, reports came out that Jon was suddenly turning to January. Jon and January had great chemistry as Don and Betty Draper on "Mad Men," even if they were fighting a lot and unable to make things work out.Hamm split with Jennifer Westfeldt after 18 years together back in September.

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The “Mad Men” star reportedly needed some space from the notoriously controlling girlfriend.

The “Mad Men” couple have also been spotted eating dinner together in restaurants on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Apparently they are picking spots where the sneaky couple think they won’t be seen.

“It certainly looked like they were very much together.” Reports this month claimed the couple, together for 16 years, split after Hamm’s recent stay in rehab.

As the pair got cozy, Hamm’s “Wet Hot” co-star Amy Poehler was “dancing and sweating profusely,” a witness said, along with “also sweaty” Judd Apatow. So many of the stars returning from original cult movie “Wet Hot American Summer” — like Hamm, Poehler, Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd — to the new streaming series have become big stars that David Hyde Pierce explained to us of filming this time, “For one thing it was civilized .


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