Kontaktanzeigen Gelsenkirchen

A few years later, in 1896, Gelsenkirchen was split away from Gelsenkirchen district to become an "" ("kreisfreie Stadt").

This "ecclesia Buron" ("church at Buer") was listed in a directory of and even in the Middle Ages, only a few dozen people actually lived in the settlements around the Emscher basin.About 150 of these Hungarian Jewesses died with heavy bomb attacks in September 1944 on the work. søger en kæreste Albertslund The admission to shelters and protection ditches was forbidden to them.Coke was produced at the old Hassel coking works for the last time on , the Ewald-Hugo colliery closed — Gelsenkirchen's last colliery. In 2003, Buer celebrated its thousandth anniversary of first documentary mention, and FC Schalke 04 celebrated on its hundredth anniversary.Today, Gelsenkirchen is a centre for sciences, services, and production, with good infrastructure.

Kontaktanzeigen Gelsenkirchen

Industrialisation Up until the middle of the 19th century, the area in and around Gelsenkirchen was only thinly settled and almost exclusively agrarian.In 1815, after temporarily belonging to the in the Bochum district, in the governmental region of Arnsberg, Buer, which was an "Amt" in its own right, was along with nearby Horst joined to Recklinghausen district in the governmental region of Münster. After the discovery of and the Gelsenkirchen Main Railway Station were opened.Since 1963 a board reminded passers of the destruction of the old synagogue.Finally, in 1993 the area was renamed to the "place of the old synagogue" and 66 years later, on 9. After an approximate one year construction period is the new synagog in Gelsenkichen now that new center of the Jewish municipality in the place developed, in which also the 1938 destroyed old synagog were.November 2004, put the foundation-stone for the new synagog. The praying area offers place for altogether 400 people, additionally is attached a community center with meeting area.

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Today the on the working area of the Gelsenberg Benzin AG about 2000 Hungarian women and girls were accommodated, who were assigned to the hard labour on the hydrogenation work.

List of victims is accessible on the page of [] Throughout the time when Hitler was in power, from 1933 to 1945, the city's mayor was Carl Engelbert Böhmer, an NSDAP member appointed by the régime.

The Institute for City History set up a documentation site: "Gelsenkirchen in National Socialist times". In 1999, the last phase of the Emscher Park International Building Exhibition, an undertaking that brought together many cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, was held.

Gelsenkirchen becomes a city In 1885, after Bochum district was split up, Gelsenkirchen became the seat of its own district ("Kreis"), which would last until 1926.

The cities of Gelsenkirchen and Wattenscheid, as well as the "Ämter" of Braubauerschaft (as of 1900, Bismarck), Schalke, Ückendorf, Wanne and Wattenscheid all belonged to the Gelsenkirchen district.


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